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Jul 8, 2013 11:00pm PDT
of myself and the others's situation. >> have you changed your view build religion at all over the years. >> of course, i changed my view about almost everything, charlie, over the years. yes, i grew up as you did, in a fairly narrow, conservative cultural religious environment. a community. and i was handed a set of propositions about what-- that were important to believe, to accept, and they were well met and they were well intended. but life has gone on and i've tested those propositions against both experience and learning and reading and listening. those propositions don't make the sense to me that they did when i was a 14-year-old in the baptist training union in central baptist church in marshal texas. i still value my experience in that culture. and i'm grateful that, you know, i have been as you said earlier, life has been good to me. as it has been to you. and journalism for me has been a continuing course in adult education. and has taken me to different places where i can look back and see where i've been. i changed my mind because i realized when i was down at the bottom of
Jul 9, 2013 6:00am EDT
is: do you have pigeon religion? >> [laughing] >> joyce: can the dove live at your house? or is there too much arguing and bickering and banging and slamming going on? come on. man, you guys are quiet. whoo. >> [laughing] >> joyce: the holy spirit is your unseen guest there all the time. he lives in you. he's promised to never leave you nor forsake you. we don't want to offend the holy spirit. don't have pigeon religion. make the dove comfortable all the time. in the book of acts, the early christians were told to go wait in an upper room until the spirit, or the promise of the father, would come from on high. and they waited, they waited for this special outpouring of the spirit that jesus said he would send. and in acts 2 it says, "and when the time had fully come, suddenly like a mighty wind, the spirit came into the room and tongues of fire settled on each of them and they all began to speak in other languages." now i'm not gonna not give a long dissertation on the doctrine of speaking in tongues, but i do want to say that it's very interesting to me that the first ar
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)